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Our daughter, Caitlin, at the age of nine, started her own business selling Caitlin’s Calendula Salve. I discovered and admired that at nine years old there is not much holding you back. You are not concerned about all the things that might go wrong, the timing, or the “what ifs”, you are only thinking, “Why not”. Caitlin’s “why not” inspired us to take the next step toward a dream that had been stirring inside of us. 


Donovan, myself, and our four children (Caitlin, Samson, Charlotte, and Isaac) decided to start Bear Roots Homestead to document our pursuit of healthy living and self sufficiency, and to share our experience and products along the way. 


God has put it on our hearts to pursue this life and to create a place where we can grow and raise our own food, a place where our children can run free and learn alongside us, and a place for fellowship. We don’t have a road map or many specifics, but we do know our God and we know His desires for us. We are excited for you to join us on this journey and we hope that it inspires you to say “why not” to more in your life.


Family Photo
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